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About Mike

Mike Pounovich

I have been blessed that art and music have been part of my life since any early age. Growing up in Northern Michigan I started taking piano lessons at 6 years old and that musicality and artistry followed me through high school band and art classes. I joined the US Army Reserve in 2000 when I graduated high school and in 2003 I was deployed to Iraq. This is where my love of guitar really started.

I started to play the guitar while I was on deployment and I ordered my first electric guitar from Iraq so that it was waiting for me when I returned home. My love of hard rock and heavy guitars goes back to my pre-teen days when I was first introduced to Metallica and from then on my course was set. I moved to Illinois in 2005 and over the course of the last 16 years I have played around the Chicagoland area in several bands. In 2018 Jeff approached me with a new idea of starting a heavy Christian rock band and we have not looked back since. My conversation with God started on a starry night in 2003 and that continues to this day. I live in the far southwest suburbs of Chicago with my wife Sarah and two daughters.

Things You Didn't Know

Favorite Food – Pizza (I live around Chicago was there any question)
Favorite Band – Metallica ( I was first introduced to their music when I was 11 years old. It changed my life forever)
Favorite Hobby – I love watching football and motorsports!
I live at home with my wife Sarah and our two daughters Brooklyn and Evelyn. I served in Iraq in 2003 where I first learned to play the guitar.
Literally all I do is play guitar and work on band stuff when I’m not at work. I’m a heavy equipment operator by trade.

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